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Due to Orwell-like total control of reality, global government somewhere called "Babylon", tries to drop in storm of shit everything what they cannot control.

Looks like all types of mentally ill people gathered together by this kind of elite, fags, pedos, with tries to litter at maximum hidden, uncontrollable part of network.

From one point of sight this is plus for tor project, because its like a proof of secure.
But you must remember about tempest of attacks possible to hidden services and tor network at all.
Tor can't help you if you use it wrong.

Tor is only the second generation of hidden networks, there are still many weak places and tor is still centralized.
Just imagine how easy CIA can takeover only 9 servers(main directories) and carry out their discreet and efficient attacks.
There are only five thousands relays and at least a quarter of its staying as a exit.
1000 servers around the world ? Hm...

They killed Kennedy!

Tor hidden services - one of the clearest examples of
Not finished yet, but already full of shit.

Welcome to the real world.

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